Posted 03/02/17



Board of Directors


Dee Spivey
Phone: 309-738-2630

Vice President:
Steve Hawkinson, People's Rent A Center
Phone: 309-341-3648

Amy Schwartz, Western Illinois Title
Phone: 309-342-3156

Past President:
Neil Thomas, Neil Thomas Plumbing & Heating
Phone: 309-342-4328


Scott Howe, Howe Overhead Doors, Inc. 
Phone: 309-289-2211

Terry Allen, Webber Rental & Supply

Phone: 309-343-4125

Zack Thiel, ReMAX Preferred Properties
Phone: 309-0344-5444

Doug Slaton, Old Natinal Bank
Phone: 309-315-5305

Life Director:

Bill Johnson, retired
Phone: 309-344-1976


We strongly recommend a CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE from anyone who works for you.